Description of LOTOKULU Art

LOTOKULU is an artist who discovers new forms.

There are an infinite number of forms.

However, the world is filled with designs that emphasize convenience and existing designs created by God, such as landscapes, people, and animals.
Many wonderful forms are sleeping, undiscovered.

I will continue to introduce to the world such wonderful shapes that have yet to be seen.
Please support the tiny human beings who challenge God.

Of course, anything new is not necessarily good enough, and there are many awkward shapes.I work only with those forms from which I feel a sense of divinity.

Where, then, do the unknown forms exist?
They are drifting in an ambiguous world like an indeterminate temporary cache.
It is a world similar to the world of the Metaverse.
And when I make them into works of art, their existence changes from ambiguous to certain.

My work also includes elements of jewelry.
Please enjoy it as innovative new jewelry.

Origin of the name

The name LOTOKULU is a new word with the same number of letters in both upper and lower case strokes.