Common to all NFT works

The information on this page has legal force and effect.
NFT owners who purchase NFT works from LOTOKULU have the right to freely buy and sell NFTs in their possession.
The person who owns the NFT may use it on any internet, including social media and the metaverse.
The owner of the NFT can resize or crop the NFT.
You lose the right to use the NFT when you give it away.
Copying a work and converting it to NFT and selling the copied NFT are prohibited.
Selling copied NFTs is prohibited.
The work is copyrighted by LOTOKULU.

🎖🎖🎖High-end type

🎖Works with this mark are top-of-the-line models with all rights granted.
🎖The owner of an NFT for a work with this mark may make commercial use of the owned work, including the right to sell it as a three-dimensional object, such as jewelry.
Slight modification of color, shape, etc. is allowed at the time of sale.
However, when the NFT you own is transferred or sold and you no longer own the NFT those rights will be lost.

The Others’ works

The Others’ work is a series that offers the same quality as the high-end models at a lower price.
The owner of this NFT has the right to use this work, including commercially.
*Use in original format only.
There is no right to sell the NFT as a three-dimensional object.
However, it is possible to sell products printed with the work, such as T-shirts.
Slight modification of color, shape, etc. is allowed at the time of sale.

Fusion Works

The fusion works are created by fusing LOTOKULU’s works together.
The combinations are infinite.
The NFT owner of a fused work has no rights to the individual pieces prior to fusion.
Only the fused shape can be used, commercialized and sold, including three-dimensional objects.

🎦Animated Video Works

This is an animated version of LOTOKULU’s work.
🎦Purchasers of animated and video works are prohibited from using the still images for personal or commercial use.
NFT holders have the right to use the original file format for personal or commercial use.
This type of NFT does not include the right to make a three-dimensional object or product.